No Frontiers Space Models



I will build your custom scratch model, unlike anything you have ever seen outside of a movie studio.

Every single part of these art pieces is custom-made in thousands of hours of meticulous designing, engineering, and assembling.

I can recreate any machine imaginable, but what fascinates me personally are the iconic vessels from our best-loved Sci-Fi universes as well as humankind’s exploration vehicles. If you want to pay homage to your favorite ship, space mission or even movie scene, I will re-create it with you in the exact way you desire.


Do you want to know more about building your own custom model from scratch? Got a question about one of my builds or modelling techniques? Write me at and I’ll get back to you asap!


After constructing your model, it’s time to bring it to you. For every model that leaves my workshop, I oversee every stage of crating and only work with the finest carriers of high-end goods to ensure complete safety during transport.

Once arrived, I will personally add the finishing touches if necessary and assemble on-site, no matter where in the world. I guarantee its safety until we are both completely satisfied with the result and the piece is finalized at its destination.


One-of-a-kind models require one-of-a-kind service! You can get in touch any time and I can procure materials or re-model parts. All models come with a 24-month warranty, and even beyond that I will be your first point of contact to fix any damages that might occur on site due to accidents – even in person if required.


Star Destroyer, Imperial Class

Scale 1:530 • Building time approx • 2300hrs • 22,000 parts
Length more than 3 meters.

U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701- E, Sovereign Class

Scale: 1:300 • 240cm total length • 10,000 parts • 2,000 hours
Warp drive, hull and phaser array lit by 300 LEDs, connected via 200m of cable
Exhibited at Quark’s Bar, Star Trek Convention 2019, Las Vegas, NV

Mars Exploration Rover Opportunity

Scale 1:1 • More than 120kg • Fully rotating camera mast • 700 hours
Modelled at the end of its 15-year mission and 45.16km journey in 2018


Scale: 1:300 • Length 120cm • Width 90cm • Built almost entirely from structural paper • 1,600 hours
Pictured after her 2093 landing on LV-223 as part of archaeological expedition funded by Weyland Inc.

Borg cube

Scale 1:5000 • 8,000 parts • More than 3km of tubes built-in • 1,800 hours
Inspired by the Battle of Wolf 359 during the Borg invasion of Starfleet territory in TNG’s “The Best of Both Worlds”

Saturn V Apollo 11

Scale 1:72 • 320cm