My name is Stefan and I am an experienced scratch-model designer and model builder.


My passion is constructing tribute models from handcrafted parts, creating works of art that are unlike anything else in the world.


And I can make one for you.


Unlike the millions of replicas out there, each part of every model is handcrafted, and then assembled into a committed tribute to the spacecrafts you love – be it from real life or your favorite universe.


Together, we will create a blueprint based on your ideas, where your love for the original, as well as your individual requirements, are the focus of attention. Then, I will put my heart and expertise into design and construction to make the vision come to life.


Depending on your wishes, construction takes anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand hours.


The fully lit, 1:300 scratch model of the U.S.S. Enterprise 1701-E that you can see in the photo below (taken together with actor Garrett Wang at the Star Trek Convention 2019, Las Vegas, NV) consists of over 10,000 hand-crafted parts, construction time 2,100 hours.


As tools, I use only utility knives, steel rulers, pencils, acrylic brushes, and other readily available crafting tools while skipping mechanized aids such as airbrushes, 3D printers, molds or milling machines.


If you are interested in a custom made scratch-model that is unlike anything else in the world do not hesitate to contact me.


Anything is possible!